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Hello, I just purchased some new RAM (Kingston PC3200 1GB DDR 400MHz)

I added the RAM into an available slot but it will not start now.

I have a Gigabyte nForce3 mobo with an AMD Athlon 64 Processor.
Windows XP Home SP2

Before I had this setup and it worked with 1 Card in the 1st slot and the second in the 3rd slot (4 Total Slots)

512mb Kingston PC3200 DDR 200 (has the little black box's on one side only)
512mb Kingston PC3200 DDR 200

Then I tried to add my 1GB Kingston PC3200 DDR 400 module into one of the free slots, resulting in BIOS giving the DRAM Error. I tried many configurations but it seems that I cannot have 2 RAM cards right next to each other.

-1GB Kingston PC3200 DDR 400
-512mb Kingston PC3200 DDR 200

Is what im using right now, and its fine but thats only 1.5 GB of RAM and I would be able to fully use the RAM I purchased.
It can't be an incompatibility problem since I Can in fact use either of my 512mb Cards with the new 1GB card, they just won't work with all 3 at once.

How can I get my full 2GB to work?
4 RAM slots = 4 RAM cards usable right?

If any other information is required please let me know.
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