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I have 4 Bind DNS entries for my domain as follows:
Code:                 SRV 0   0   389             SRV 0   0   88       SRV 0   0   389   SRV 0   0   88
I want to make sure the other domain controllers are found and used. I've just added the same 4 records for each server and it will round robin them, but what about machines in different sites, will this be enough to use all the domain controllers correctly?

If I read correctly, when a domain controller receives a request, it will tell you to use a domain controller closer to you.

What I want to know is how does a client be efficient and use it's own domain controller first? Does it have to go through the discovery process of getting one of the dns records and querying that server which then refers it to a nearer domain controller?

I don't want to have to use Bind views for this as I'd have to specify only the local DC and this would lose me redundancy in case the local DC was rebooting or went down.

Any recommendations for proper DNS/site setup?
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