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Bigish problem...

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i have 2 main boards one being a Asrock k7s8x and the over being a Acorp socket A 266FSB Motherboard which has a 1.2 duron processer and the over has a athlon 900 in it. i thought i would change them around to make 1 better 1 of them.

I changed them around and put it all back together but when i turned it on it didnt work it will all power up expect u will not hear a beep nor will u have any thing on the screen.

So i thought fine so i swaped them both back around and same thing happen again!

so know i have 2 boards and procerrers which dont seem to work???

Can anyone help????

Thanks ipatriot
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You made sure that the heatsyncs where properly attached whenever you attempted to fire up the units? , correct?

If not time to buy some cpus.

All I can say is try resetting the cmos, check your cables and jumpers (if any) and set the boards to the lowest FSB, preferably 200mhz, ditto on ram if you have jumpers for it.

I have several boards here that will refuse to work after being touched, then I mess around with them (remove, ram/video) and they start working again. (probably microfractures or cold solder joints)

If you want to see if the boards live at all, remove the ram and the video card and fire up one of the units with the speaker attached, if any of the boards logic is working it should beep at you, meaning that something else is going on here.

Good Luck
Hi i did have the heatsinks on wen i fired them up.

I hav tryed them with just the speaker in and i dont get any beeps from either of them. does this mean that the boards may hav gone???

Thanks ipatriot
Make sure to remove all the cocaine and weed that has accumulated on your motherboard before starting the computer. It also would be a good idea to wipe off any beer or wine that may have spilled into the case.

hmm done all that but still no luck i even got the hover on it!....

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