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BF2 Patch 1.41 wont install

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well i have had this problem for over 2 weeks now, and no one on the BF2 forums seems to wanna help.

my Comp can run BF2 perfectly, just the 1.41 patch will not install, it gets to 8% then just randomly says PATCH FAILED, sometimes it will even quit if i get past 8% or before.

iam seriously tearing my hair out with this problem, i have tried reinstalling the game, ive tried downloading it again from another good site, and nope....nothing is working.

although i might add, that it only patched once, once out of the whole time, and it patched in under 5 mins, as ushally it takes ages just to get past 8%, but i had to uninstall the game and now cannot re-patch due to this problem iam having.

any help will be greatly apreciatied

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I found the solution but don t open the smile yet! It worked in the old patches. Look this post::down:

Execute Patcher, Choose language, wait for welcome screen, don't hit continue.

go to your documents folder and to this location:

c:\documents\YOUR USERNAME\local settings\temp

and look for a folder which looks like {BLAH....} lots of numbers and chars. Go into that folder structure and copy the files in it (e.g. patch.exe, all the files) to a folder where you can execute them (e.g. create a dir named C:\temp)

then open a commandpromt (type "cmd" in run/execute at startmenu) and go to your new created folder with the patchdata. Execute the with the following line (edit to your installfolder location of course):

patch.exe "c:\FolderWhereBF 2Is"

Watch the magic happen.


Maybe we need to change something above I just don t no what. Please if someone knows tell me plz! OK. I really wanna play!!!:eek:

Thank you:eek:
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