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I need you experts to play librarian for a minute here if you don't mind. :p

A while ago, I made a thread about learning everything about computers:

Since then, I have read up a lot about computers. I haven't actually practically learned anything though. Just too much stuff. So, I think I should change up my approach. Instead of trying to learn everything I asked myself what do I really want to do with my three computers. I want to:
1. build a nice website with a lot of cool stuff going on in it (graphics, animation, video, photos, etc.)
2. add animation, graphics, effects, etc. to video that I capture on my camcorder

As far as I know, that is all that I want to be able to do. I do slightly worry about how will I know what other things CAN be done with my computers if I don't browse other sections but I guess I can get to that later.

So, with that said and my specific precise goals stated, my question to you all is what is the best website or book or other resource that I can use to accomplish #1 and #2 above very easily. By very easily, I mean that what I have to do is explained in an idiot-proof manner. Aside from that, perhaps a site that provides a brief but detailed enough idea of what other computer areas mean. Wikipedia is often times very confusing.

Thank you!
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