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Best Nvidia card?

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I've been reading everything I can to figure it out for myself, but I'm still
confused. I want to upgrade my GF2 MX400, so anything will be a major
improvement. I want a 8X AGP card. Is the ti4800 the best available? I
think I read that it is just a ti4400 with 8X AGP. I see a Gainward ti4800
SE for 206. Any advice or ideas?

I know the FX is coming out, not really interested.
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The newest one from nVida will be out in June...GeForce FX

128 bit memory bus that runs at 500MHz and the GPU is or will be faster than the Radeon 9700. I am sure ATI will have a faster card b4 they even release this card tho.
Thanks for the reply, Rockn. I mentioned that I am aware of the FX, not interested. Not interested in ATI either, from experience. I know the 9700 Pro rocks, but I want a Nvidia card.

Trying to figure out what the best card is. I see a Gainward yi4800SE ( 128mb, 8X AGP ), but I don't know if it's better than higher priced ti4600's. I never see anything about a ti 4800 and Gainward is the only one I've seen. It seems odd that the ti4800SE is cheaper than a ti4600.
4800SE is the 4400 with 8x agp

4800 is the 4600 with 8x agp

Sorry I haven't seen a comparision review yet myself.

GforceFX sounds to me like it needs help, the cooling solution is suppose to be very noisy.
thats a good price for that card. I have an msi ti4200 128 mb card and I like it(11740 score in 3dmarkse). as far as brands go almost all th ti cards from any manufacturer will run fine.
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