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Best computer brands

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I am looking to buy a new computer for under $700. I need it mostly for web surfing and music downloading. Can anyone recommend a brand or model? How about Compaq?
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There's only one shop in my area that builds them and this is what they have:
AMD Duron XP2000+
ECS K7SOM+ Motherboard
3D Audio, 10/100 Lan, 64Mb Video (Shared Ram)
256Mb DDR Memory
40Gb Maxtor (7200rpm) Hard Drive,
keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc. 1 year parts and labour

Plus: WinXP Home $140
CD 52X Writer $25
Norton 2003 $35
Total: $599, plus tax (I'm in Canada:( ) $685.85
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Yes, I know that's under $700 - I can do the math. It's just that there are Compaqs and e-Machines for $100 less and I don't know enough about the components to figure out if this is a good deal. Larger stores deal in higher volumes and can sell for less but it seems that nobody is ever happy with what they buy, whether it be a Dell, Compaq, IBM, Gateway, e-Machine, or whatever.
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