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So, after long thinking and struggling alone on making this happen, I though I could need a helping hand.

In short, I want to develop an application, which would make beowulf and high-performance computing clusters easy to build, and accessible to everyone owning an electronic device with some sort of CPU and some sort of RAM.

Just to mention, I am only beginning to look into programming. I have no previous experience in this domain. Any help is appreciated.

To carry on, I found Open MPI. I found it's a library, and looked up what a library was.

Now, I am wondering how I can implement this library into a working application, much like OpenMosix.

But the only thing is that I want to make it work on more operating systems than Unix and Linux, including Windows; Machintosh is included, not to mention all the other less popular OSes and mobile devices. Applications on all platforms would sill work seamelessly, as they would be on the same OS.
I was thinking of using all the types of interconnections possible, from high-end ones to low-end ones, like InfiniBand, CAT5, CAT6, and CAT7 Ethernet, and even wireless technologies like WiFi, WiMAX, and Bluetooth; the user would be able to choose the percentage of how much of each of his or her type of ressource available on his or her system, the user wants to share; the user would be able to choose to join an existing cluster on the Internet, or to make a private cluster, and to leave a joined cluser anytime. I want it to feature automatic node discovery. An OS running this app alone without user interaction and text-based is also what I want to build, like CusterKnoppix, which features a TFTP server booting CLI nodes, using the node's ressourcess minimally. The TFTP server would be borrowed from Lan Core.

I thought of using an identification method of each physical computer if it would work via the Internet, maybe by the user inputing an ID and an optional description.

Everyone interested in this project is welcomed in helping realize it, as I want it to be licenced under the GNU GPL.

For the moment, I would need to know how (Open) MPI works, translate its coding functions into Visual Basic code, and apply it. That would be a major step for me, as I don't even know where to start.

By the way, I am offered Flash ActionScript programming at my college, but that is the only course offered. I was looking for application development. Shoud I take it? Does it have anything to do with software develpment?

;)Waiting for replies.
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