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BenQ GW2480 vs Asus VA24EHE vs Dell SE2419H vs LG 24MK600M

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Hi there,
Want to buy a new monitor, mainly for Graphic Design (color accuracy is the first priority, sRGB, gamut )

I found these four within my budget and availability

1) Asus VA24EHE
2) BenQ GW2480
3) Dell SE2419H
4)LG 24MK600M

Which one should I choose? suggest please.
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You should post your question on a website where graphic designers hang out.
If you don't get help there, ask for links to other graphic design sites.

Most of the people here either have computer problems or help fix computer problems. We aren't graphic designers.
They are all IPS panels and will likely have very similar results. Also, the Dell and the Asus are likely using an LG panel.
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