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Belkin wireless router problems

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I have a Belkin n+ f5d8235-4 v2 and I have reset the router and then I had to manually reconfigure everything and I may have messed something up. The router has two blinking amber lights: the modem and internet lights.
-I began with my modem booted up, then I booted up my router while my modem and router were connected via yellow ethernet cable and another cable from my router to computer.
-First, I set up a new password
-Next, I went to Connection Type and set up - Dynamic, then entered my ISP host name and clicked apply.
-Next, I went to MAC address cloning, and just clicked apply as the boxes were already filled with characters.
-Next, I went to Channel and SSID and left everything the same except I changed my SSID name and took off the box marked broadcast SSID then clicked apply . The wireless channel was set to auto and current channel was 11 and extension channel was set to auto.
Next, I went to Security, Security Type: WPA-PSK, Authentication: WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK and entered a new PSK and clicked obscure PSK then apply
Next, I went to Guest Access and enabled radio, created ssid name, Security: WPA/WPA2 PSK, Authentication: WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK then entered the same PSK as before and clicked obscure PSK then apply.
For some reason, when I go back to both of the previous two screens, the new password I created does not show up, only my old one but when I type the new password into my wifi network, it connects.
This is as far as I have been and I'm not really sure what to do now. My internet connection from my modem is fine and I've updated the firmware on my router.
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I think it's not showing the new wireless password because you told it to obscure it. You could test that by entering the password again without obscuring it.

Did you have a particular aim in mind when you changed the router settings ?
Ok yeah I tried entering it without obscuring it and now my new password stays there. I don't have a preference for my settings, I just want it to work, I was trying to follow directions from what I've read online.
Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
What problem(s) do you have now ?
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