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Beeping and No Display

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Hi everyone!

I have a Lenovo Thinktank PC with windows 10.

Last week my pc must have restarted, because when I turned my monitor on, there was no display.

I ended up having to manually shut the PC down by holding the power button because it was completely non responsive. Now, when I turn the PC on, it gives three monotone beeps and then one loud beep, and then repeats. There is no display on my monitor, and I can't seem to do anything from this point.

I have indeed made sure that the monitor is plugged in, both with several hdmi cords as well as with the power cord. I have also pulled the RAM from the computer and put it back in, which was a suggestion I found while googling.

I have a video if that would be helpful.

Does anyone happen to have any ideas?

Thank you so much!
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Depending on the BIOS, you may have a memory (RAM) issue, or a video card issue.

When you boot the machine, do you remember seeing an AMI or Award badge at the beginning of the boot?
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I get absolutely no display of any kind, just the beeps and my monitor telling me that there is no signal.
What is the exact model number and serial number of the IBM machine?

Also, I assume this is a personal machine?
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I hope that picture has the information you need (I'm sorry, complete noob with this stuff).

It is a personal machine, yes!
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The image is a little blurry, is the serial number R384000P?
I'm sorry!

It's R304000P
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