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BattleField 2 Mic problem

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Hi i installed BF2 and i had a mic plugged in but it didn't do the mic check at the end of the installation... is there any way to get a mic working with BF2 without reinstalling the game? because i had it workin once but i unplugged the mic to go to a lanparty and plugged it back in and it didn't work... and i really don't want to reinstall the game just to run the mic check. Thanks!
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If you can give me a link to a person who is using Vista and is using BF2 VOIP without one problem, feel free to post.
Uhh to me it just sounds like their having issues with that onboard soundcard... dont just go saying voip "Can't" work or "doesn't" work on vista... cmon anything is possible. My uncle uses vista, and has a Creative X-Fi sound card and a USB headset and he and I use in game BF2 VOIP to communicate. He has had no problems whatsoever.
one of my 'friends' from the game gota non usb mic today and he has the same problem. he has xp.
I mean, i could take it just working in xfire or ts or skype. i jnst wnat it 2 work.
This may be something you want to give a shot, I was having problems using my front jacks for the input while playing bf2. Because by default the game is set to use the main audio device for recording.

"Do you play games such as Battlefield 2 or Half-Life 2? Do you have a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy (with external box) or another soundcard that the recording device, when playing these games, is reset to "Microphone" even though you actually use a different line such as Line 2?"

"With Muvixer, you no longer have to worry. Muvixer allows you to select the line you always want to use and if Battlefield 2 or any other program changes your recording device, it will automatically be changed back to your specified recording device on a time interval that you choose! Muvixer is freeware."

I know this may not fix everyones problem in this thread but you may want to give it a shot, because it works awesome for me. Hope this helps at least some xfi users out there that want to use their front jacks for mic use while in game. GL
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i think there's an options button ingame(sorry, last time i played battlefield 2, there were dinosaurs in my garden) where you can set those things manually without a reinstall.
I'm able to detect my microphone and to talk and record in windows, but running the BF2VoiceSetup.exe just renders my mic utterly useless for some strange reason. I managed to get it to work (Once, 1 time, one single tiny time) in-game somehow :p (dont ask, just did okay...), but only to have my transmitting broken up to nearly complete nonsense (Like putting auto fire on your PTT (push to talk) button). :( I've tried a dozen diffrent settings, I've reinstalled the game and done everything all over again... but nothing... I've tried before patch, I've tried after patch, I've tried after Installing Special Forces, even Tried after installing mods.... But no... Nothing. Also, just to add salt to my wounds and really rub it in there, when I try to save in BF2VoiceSetup, the whole thing just crashes with this nice message "BF2VoiceSetup.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." This is at least some what consistent... :p But this is what the game gives me when it's installed right from the DVD. What is wrong... Newest drivers to sound, chipset, lan and even Video... All service packs and updates for my win media center is installed... but nothing... Im about to lose it and just toss the whole thing in the bin, or in the lake... :mad: Wich ever gives the most satisfaction atm.... This thing worked last year... Whats changed? :confused: Windows made some funny updates I don't know about? :rolleyes: Or is it EA who is speculating in getting people to buy some new game from them? :mad: Anyway, any help would be much appreciated... :cool:
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I found out a simple remedy to solve the problem. I have a logitech USB microphone, and since i reinstalled Bf2 after reinstalling XP awhile back, i forgot to update my Punkbuster software for bf2. So, go to the punkbuster website, download the 3 mgb file, seleect bf2 and update the software. It worked for me.:):):):):)
for starters i use voice chat in windows vista perfectly....
until i brought a logitech headset! now its perfect with anything but bf2
i used 2 have a old headset from NVIDIA but it broke :(
sous XP j'ais galeré pas mal aussi pour avoir la communication a bf2 avec un mic logitech usb
et ca a marché par hazard en sifflant et en appuyant sur test micro en meme temps
ca fonctionne avec dans les options son acceleration - materiel
bien sur il faut activer le micro dans les options son par défaut

bonne chance

with a mic usb logitech and XP i put sound acceleration in hardware in BF2
its run with the mic test when you click on and you noise in mic
but in game no problemo

it's no garanty good luck
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