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BattleField 2 Mic problem

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Hi i installed BF2 and i had a mic plugged in but it didn't do the mic check at the end of the installation... is there any way to get a mic working with BF2 without reinstalling the game? because i had it workin once but i unplugged the mic to go to a lanparty and plugged it back in and it didn't work... and i really don't want to reinstall the game just to run the mic check. Thanks!
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How do i test if my mic is downloaded or whatever with VISTA.

i have hte same problem as the rest of them .on bf2 it doesnt show up as working. on xfire it doesnt show up on working. this sucks !!! how do i fix it geniouslkajs
ACA529 said:
You need to do the following:

(Follow the directions in this link)

That will fix it for you.

P.S. VOIP will not work on Windows Vista.
wtf? i cant use voice in bf2 on vista? WTF

explain voip plz?
one of my 'friends' from the game gota non usb mic today and he has the same problem. he has xp.
I mean, i could take it just working in xfire or ts or skype. i jnst wnat it 2 work.
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