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Batching jpeg to tiff

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Good day all of you......I have a question???? I have searched but came up with nothing that works. Is there a free program to convert jpeg to tiff in batches?

Any help would be great!!!

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Irfanview does that and the interface isn't bad. If you want to convert a whole folder you can do that very easily. If you want to select just some of the photos from a folder to convert Irfanview is the easiest way I know of. It is free:

Why are you converting large numbers of files from JPG to TIFF?
The very best archive is the image exactly as it came from your camera. You accomplish nothing converting them to TIFF other than taking more space and wasting the time required to convert them.

When you open a JPG in an image editor it decompresses to exactly the same image you would get if you converted to TIFF and then opened that in the image editor.

The only difference is in saving after making a modification to an image. It is best to save in an uncompressed format as the computer has to recompress a JPG and you do get some deterioration of the image if you keep recompressing it. But you can save as a TIFF after opening a JPG about as easy as saving as a TIFF after opening a TIFF. If you are modifying an image you want to find a way to protect the original in any case, and the route to a TIFF is just as easy regardless of what it was when you opened it.

Another small advantage of keeping your originals as JPGs is that you know all TIFFs are modified images. And you can save with the same file name and have both the original and modified image in order.

Get in the habit of saving as a TIFF as soon as you open a JPG in an image editor to modify it. That way you can save at any time without altering the original. If you had opened it as a TIFF you would have to save as a different file name to have the same protection to your original.

You can open and view or sort JPGs as many times as you want without any deterioration. It is just when you save you want to convert to TIFF.
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