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Basic Web Page How?

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Target: simple web site for small school in Crete. Information pages that can be updated by students in Crete and England. 70+ email addresses in the form <studentname>@bigbenincrete etc. No fancy graphics. Wants to be clear, clean and simple. Main use is student information exchange in English. Low cost.

I have some software that allows me to design web pages but what then?
I am totally ignorant about how you get from design to up-and-running. I don't even know what a domain is. I don't want to learn programming languages.

Where do I start?

I can't go to seminars etc cus there aren't any in Crete!
Anybody out there who can "hold my hand".
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That is a tall order, but I am sure you can find lots of help here.
Since you are new, and dont wish to learn programming languages what you may want to decide upon, is a content management system, they are websites that area already created and have several plug ins, like calendars, forums (where you are looking now) file uploads, messengers etc. They allow you to sign up members, who must login to post to the site. Someone wold have to be the admin and manage the site, and each one varies in how you do this. They are easy to setup and install.

They are usually written in php and require MYSql databases but can be ASP and access databases or ASP or SQL databases, the reason to know is that your host must support the type of script it is.

There are lots of them, like phpnuke, phpbb, droopal, geeklog etc. Some cost money, like vBulletin (this site is running that software)
Does that sound like something that may work for you?
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