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Basic Housekeeping

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This forum has been a a great help to me. So, first off, thanks to all.

I have a question. Is there a general flowchart of steps to insure good housekeeping? I help a lot of my friends who are mostly elderly. Is there a list of simple steps I can give them that they can follow on a weekly basis?

I know this is a very broad question but I would appreciate any help you give me. Again, Thanks for all the help in the past.


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ESP ,Hi :)

I guess you already read this :
There´s a list of good tools that makes browsing a lot easier.

As for myself I have the following basic programs to keep my system clean :

AVG antivirus
An antivirus is the first thing you have to have for protection.AVG is free and very reliable.

This will alert you when something is trying to transmit to the net,or intrude to your system.

Help for setup and maintenance is found HERE
Run this tool on a regular basis , and everytime you have downloaded something. This make sure your system is clean from unwanted items,like ad programs , hijackers ,or anything that causes unwanted pop-ups , or else mess up your system.These items often follow with free downloads.

This little application sorts the cookies for you. The good ones you put in the "keep" list and all tracking cookies from advertisers you put in the "delete-list" .In the delete list you put all with "XXX" , "ad", "click" ,etc in the name. The first days you use it, iy will pop up and alert you often,but once the cookies are sorted out you´ll never notice the program. (I have 44 to keep and 540 to delete automaticly and I rarely see it)

Die Hard :)
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Die Hard:

Thanks for the help. If I have other questions I'll start a new thread.

Again, thanks
To Die Hard's list, I would add performing a remote on-line anti-virus scan once/month ... some excellent free ones are found at:


Panda ActiveScan:

Trend Micro HouseCall:
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