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Bad or missing command interpreter

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I'm using WindowsXP home on a Fujitsu Lifebook. It's
been acting a bit strange lately and suddenly it wouldn't
load my favorite editor (Crypt Edit) so I decided to try to
restore the original factory configuration.

To do that I used Drive Image by PowerQuest
which came with my computer. I had to make two
floppy disks and then restart the computer with
one of the disks in drive A. But when I did that I
got the message:

Bad or missing command interpreter...

My computer works well enough for the most part
so I don't understand what this message could mean
or what to do about it.

I called support at Fujitsu but they couldn't help either.
Anybody have any ideas or suggestions about repairing
the "command interpreter"?
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First off, how did you "make" the two floppy disks? It sounds like you're generating a DOS disk, and it's missing some pieces. Also, where is the DriveImage backup stored?
>First off, how did you "make" the two floppy disks?

Thanks for your concern.

Actually I did it twice.The first time it was emailed
to me from Fujitsu support with instructions which I
followed while receiving guidance online. In that case
I only needed one disk. The second time I used the
software that came with my machine (whiich I hadn't
been able to find previously) and followed the instructions.
In both cases I got the same error message quoted previously.

>Also, where is the Drive Image backup stored?

On a separate partition, Drive D, which was preinstalled
before I received the computer.

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Go to and download a boot image for MS-DOS, see if you have the same issue with that one. That error is normally a screwed up boot disk.
Thanks I'll try it
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