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Hi Tech Guys,

I had a computer crash a few weeks ago (Compaq laptop-Vista operating system/Windows Mail) and whilst my laptop has been in the shop I had to buy a Notepad so that I can actually carry on working....I now have Windows Live Mail and have 4 questions, hopefully related to each other.

1. I want to save/back-up my e-mail and folders.....I found the file location (path) of my e-mails....
C:\Users\my name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail and I just did a straightforward "select all" and copy and pasted onto my external hard drive. Is that sufficient to ensure my e-mails are saved and backed up?

2. I also want to say at this stage that the format these e-mails are in are .eml but I can't see any .dbx extensions-which files are meant to be .dbx? I am bit concerned that I don't see any folders/files related to my e-mails/contacts with .dbx extensions or perhaps I just can't see the extensions easily?

3. I have created a number of folders.....two of my folders are Apatients and Aprivate work.

I put the "A" in front of the folder name so that they are at the top of my folder list (most mail programmes arrange folders alphabetically) and whilst these two are my most frequently used folders, I put an "A" in front of them so that they appear up top.

However, strangely, when I viewed them in the folder on my hard drive (where they are saved), the "A" seems to have been dropped. So, for example, I have 5 or 6 e-mail accounts, and I can see that each e-mail account is called "BT Internet" followed by a unique number, so for example, "BT Internet 6"-I have my e-mail accounts with btinternet, and within one particular folder (for my work e-mail account), these 2 folders are called "Patients" and "Private work"-the "A" for both of these accounts has been dropped. Do you know why that is?

4. When I finally get my old laptop back from the shop (Windows Mail), will I be able to import all those e-mails (if they were able to successfully back them up) into my Windows Live Mail programme (and vice-versa)....and how does one avoid duplicates....i.e., when I have imported Contacts in the past, my Contacts were all duplicated (unnecessarily)! and it was quite the chore to go through them one by one deleting the duplicates.

Any help you can provide me would be most appreciated:).

Best regards,
Ms. "Therapist"
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