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Backing up CD's

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i have a 1.4 Ghz, 256 MB ram , windows ME

using Nero 5.5

Each time i try to burn CD 2 CD it always fails.

but if i make an image of the CD that i would like to Burn it works fine.

can anyone help
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You probably have The CDRW and your other CD drive on the same IDE channel...

Of course, I've seen it fail even with the drives on two separate channels.

You'll have a better chance of CD copying working if your CDRW is Master on Channel 1 and your other CD drive is slave on Channel 0.

Also, you can try slowing down your write speed a little.
It was setup the same way i had it when i had windows 98 SE installed and it worked fine. is this a windows ME problem.

I heard someone say that microsoft installed somesort of protection within windows ME to stop poeple coping CD, is this True.

Wouldn't surprise me one bit if they did. I would try as Rikku suggested and put the burner and your HDD on seperate IDE channels. YOu can also try toggling DMA access for the CD-RW and see if you get any different results.
You haven't said whether your 1.4Ghz is Intel or AMD.

If its AMD you will find that the Windows implementation of DMA doesn't work properly with your motherboard chipset, as it is optimised for Intel chipsets.

Visit the website of your motherboard's manufacturer and download the latest bus-mastering IDE drivers for the chipset. Then turn on DMA (preferably from within the drivers as you install them) and you should find that your two CD devices can co-exist better on the same IDE channel.
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