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AZarmor Suite [1yr free] - any use?

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Anybody out there using the EZ Armor Suite - MS offering it FREE with their Security Update CD. Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

My version of Norton Internet Security [2003] is due for renewal soon (any ideas how much 1yrs subscription is for this?) as I'm unsure whether to buy NIS 2004 or just update NIS 2003.

When EZarmor dropped through my letterbox, is sounded too good to be true. In my humble opinion, if it looks too good to be true ....... it normally is!:rolleyes:

Any thoughts on this free EZ Suite would be welcome before I decide what to do. (I'm prepared to remove the v invasive Symantec stuff - I've already downloaded their uninstall tools, just in case.) Please advise.

Thanks in advance,
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EZ suite has a very good reputation
this is what they are giving you

giving the first year free is good business for them if they can break the norton stranglehold
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