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AZarmor Suite [1yr free] - any use?

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Anybody out there using the EZ Armor Suite - MS offering it FREE with their Security Update CD. Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

My version of Norton Internet Security [2003] is due for renewal soon (any ideas how much 1yrs subscription is for this?) as I'm unsure whether to buy NIS 2004 or just update NIS 2003.

When EZarmor dropped through my letterbox, is sounded too good to be true. In my humble opinion, if it looks too good to be true ....... it normally is!:rolleyes:

Any thoughts on this free EZ Suite would be welcome before I decide what to do. (I'm prepared to remove the v invasive Symantec stuff - I've already downloaded their uninstall tools, just in case.) Please advise.

Thanks in advance,
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Thanks folks,

It sounds & looks like it could be a pretty good deal fom MS then :D - I'll just wait until my NIS runs out & put on EZarmor instead methinks.

I assume that I'd just disconnect my broadband router whilst I've no AV & Firewall [Using XP Pro] during this changeover - I don't want to be wide open to attacks during the great Symantec de-lousing:eek: The last time I removed NIS [Ver 2001 with 56k dialup on '98se] it seemed to take ages - removing the registry entries was a real pain. Hopefully Symantec's tool will ease this process?

Sounds good anyway. I've used ZA in the past so I've no worries about that bit, the AV side was rather vague. Should I buy an anti-trojan prog [if so, which one - I can't understand TD3?] to back up this security suite.

Just thought I'd give any others thinking of trying the EZarmor Suite an update.

I removed NIS 2003 [quite painfree, surprisingly] and installed this free firewall + AV suite. It's definitely ZoneAlarm Pro [older version] but I've tested it at GRC's 'Shield's Up' and all the first 1025 ports were fully stealthed. [NIS was the same!]

Updated the AV to latest virus definitions, and I feel pretty safe - it all seems ok so far. All in all, I'd say it's pretty good value for FREE. Well done MS, I think this is going to be staying on my comp for the free 1st year anyway, I might revise after that if circumstances alter.

Still unsure whether or not I need an anti-trojan prog but apart from that I'm pleased. :) :up:

Oh yeah, I meant to add that there's quite a noticeable difference in my speed - I've got rid of loads of Symantec Bloat!
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