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AVI driver

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what program/driver do I need
to view .AVI videos?
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Hi wgivens:

Welcome to Tech Support Guy.

Windows Media Player will show .avi files. :)
Thank you Judy!

Now if I can find out what MIME type an AVI file is,
I can add the 'helper' to Netscape Navigator.
Does this help explain how to do it?
Thanks Jody!

Now, can you help with .VIV files?

I bought/installed the latest and greatest from
and still get shunted off to "...need to d/l files..." at their
website. Unfortunately, there are NO files there!

some files seem to run OK, but a "full movie" is the one
that just WILL NOT PLAY!
Hi wgivens:

I am unsure what you mean. Did you download the VivoActive PowerPlayer? And what specific error message are you receiving?

Hi Jody

Yes. I dl/bought the latest& greatest Vivo power player and
installed it.

It doesn't REALLY give me an error message, just states
that it needs an (unspecified) plugin/? and takes me off
to where it states that there is no files available.

I wish I could tell youi more specifically WHAT it was looking
for, but that isn't in the cards. :-(

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Hi Wayne:

I happend across this - - scroll down to "Vivoplay.exe".

Might be worth a try! Good luck! :)
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