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AVG Scan reporting Duron as Pentium III

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Hope this is in the correct forum:)

I ran a full scan on my machine now that it has a new Duron mainboard installed, but it is being reported as a Pentium III (which is what was in the machine previously). The following is the report from the scan - there were no virii found.

Warnings in report:
[X] Access denied/file locked
[X] Wrong file size in directory
[X] Wrong creation time in directory
[ ] COM file is too large
[X] Invalid start address
[X] Invalid EXE header
[X] Possibly damaged

Do I need to "worry" about any of the above warnings.

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No need to worry much, but you should uninstall AVg and reinstall.
AVg won't recognise your new hardware until it has been reinstalled
Thanks dvk, will do that.

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