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Avatar Problem

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Oh look...I have a problem already. I couldn't find anywhere else to put this, then again I never really since I'm here:

I should now be able to upload or have my avatar remotely hosted on my account now, but when I do upload or put in the link, nothing happens. It usually gives me and avatar of a bulldog.
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Heres the you think it's too big and thats why?


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It isn't too large either. Although it may take a few minutes to make its rounds on the server for you to use. Go back to your profile and reselect the avatar you uploaded.

There seems to be a bug in the system.

When you select a new avatar, you have to check that "use custom avatar" is re-selected. It seems once you upload one that you have the custom select shuts off and you get the default orange bulldog.
yes, that one is too large.

It is supposed to be limited to 50x50 in size
The avatar is to big and it needs to be a .gif file.

So try this one here.


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:wipes hand:

Well that should do it...although I don't know if I like it in this forum...oh well
Yea it worked.

Well I don't like the look of the avatar but I don't have to look at it or any of them because I have all of them turned off. :D

Find something else you like for this site and others or I can help you out.
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