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Audio input/microphone problem with Skype

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I've just installed Skype for the first time on an HP laptop running Windows 8 . I can't get the microphone to work at the moment.
I'm pretty sure the problem is related to the external USB soundcard I use to record audio from a turntable and cassette player into my latop. This was a necessary addition when they stop having seperate sockets for audio in/out.
When I plug the usb soundcard in, it does produce an additional microphone icon in 'sound' but enabling it doesnt make a difference.

Any suggestions for getting his working so I can be heard on Skype?

thanks in advance!
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You need to change which device is used for recording in the control panel. You should have more than one to choose from.
thanks for the reply. I only have one option in the recording panel which is 'headset mic' and it says not plugged in.
So where do you think you have a mic plugged in?
What is the model number of the laptop?
get a head set if that doesn't work replace your sound card
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