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Audio device fails to start repeatedly

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Old problem, new post.

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I am still having a recurring problem with my Realtek Audio Device. This is not a new installation and no other new hardware has been installed on the computer (Win Xp Home, SP2). No conflicts are shown.

I fear that some files may have become corrupted but this is one behaviour which constantly recurs - maybe someone has a fix or knows what files I need to replace.

When I start up the computer, there is no volume icon, no sound and device manager shows the audio device as unable to start, code 10. All the codecs etc other things under sounds are OK.

If I choose to uninstall it, then run add hardware wizard, it will reinstall it no problems and the sound comes back. But next boot up it's gone again.

In case of not having read previous post, I suspect some corruption occurred when I had to cold shutdown my computer.

I obviously have the correct drivers on the computer & can load them through hardware wizard - I just don't know why they don't stick on shutdown - it's as if the function which
registers the entry in the register is corrupt - I know there are certain files which can be installed or uninstalled from the registry in order to start or stop a it something like this I need to do?
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I should have thought of this - in fact I did - I tried Update driver from within device manager, enabling it to check Windows update site but it found no updated driver. I did also wonder about checking the manufacturer's website, but I was thinking more along the lines that the driver was OK (because once I got it installed it worked), but for some reason windows just wasn't retaining the driver on shutdown.

So I went to the website and downloaded the driver and it installed OK and now it seems to work.

I'm still having issues with the firewall being enabled every time I start up - but that is another story. (I have a separtate post going on that, so I'll continue it there)

Thanks for your help, much appreciated
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