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Attachment HELP?

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Windows XP
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OK here is something that has bothered me for a long time and I am wondering if any one out there might have a clue where I can change the Default setting on this.... or Reg-hack...

OK when you go to send an attachment in your web based email, and you click the browse button and the Chose File Window comes up and off to the Right you can select View Menu this is the Question, can you make DEFALT THUMB NAIL instead of LIST? So that every time you go to attach something it is all ready in Thumb Nail view?
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Much appreciated

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Welcome to TSG....

Open Windows Explorer and then Click on the views button and set the views to list
After that click on Tools, Folder Options, View then click apply to all folders, then apply and/or OK and exit out.

This should fix the problem.
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