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atmsys.drv error wont start win95

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wont start windows95 error atmsys.drv
  • atmsys.drv error
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Restart the PC and keep pressing F8 during the bootup. You want to start tapping F8 after the drives are recognized on the screen but before the Windows splash screen appears. A startup menu with 6 options should appear. Use the “SafeMode” option to start Windows. Once Windows starts in SafeMode do this,

Click on Start>Run, key in Sysedit and press enter.

Now locate the "window bar" that reads "C:\Windows\System.ini" and single left click on the "window bar" it to bring it to the forefront.

Now you should see a statement that reads


Change it to read


Click on the "X" in the right top corner of the window to close it. When prompted to save the changes, be sure to click on "Yes".

Now click on Start>Shutdown>Restart and let the PC restart into Windows normally

Let us know what happens.
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