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ATI Driver Update Problem

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I have a HP Pavillion a121On.
It comes with an ATI Integrated Express 200 Series video card.

I'm trying to update the driver and i'm having a problem.
Right in the middel of updating the driver i get a msg that looks something like this:
"another version of the driver is alreadly installed....please remove the driver before installing"

Ok, so even though prior to updating the driver, i use the controll panel to to remove the ati software i still get the same error msg everytime...

any help is appreciated
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Go into Device Manager which is where the Drivers are. Control Panel, System, Hardware and Device Manager. Check under Display Adapters and right click whatever shows up and delete. Restart and install your new drivers. Remember Add/Remove is for the software Applications run on Windows itself. The Device Manager manages your drivers for the hardware components. Let us know how it works...Jazz
Ok, so I used the device manager to uninstall the ATIXpress200. I could not delete it, only uninstall.
Then i restarted and im trying to install the new driver but i still get the same error msg,

"Another version of this product is alreadly installed.
Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of ths product use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel."

Still no luck. :(
Tap F8 continuously after pressing power button as if you are going to safe mode only choose "Enable vga driver", then boot into Windows and install your driver.
Ok, so i enabled vga driver at startup but still no luck.
I got the same error msg :(

"Another version of this product is alreadly installed....."

am i dling the right driver??
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