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athlon ok?

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I see some pc's with Athlon processors are at low prices. I've had AMD pc before and was quite happy with that. Will the Athlon pc be as good?
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I've never bought a new Intel chip. Personally, I cannot detect any difference between an Intel and AMD chip on the user end, except the price.
Just remember that AMD's run hot, so you need good cooling, ie more, bigger fans. Also if you are building yourself to get AMD approved parts - like powersupplies and heatsinks/fans. Another thing is that AMD rates their cpu's differently The AMD Athlon(or is it the XP) 2000 runs at around 1600 Mhz but is equivalent to a pentium 2 ghz. Oh, and a Duron is similiar to the Celeron.
i think athlonx are generally better number crunchers than intel.. so basicly at simple tasks athlon xp 2000 is like a 2.3ghz p4... but intel is supposedly better for media...

i personally prefer the athlon..its cheaper.. and faster.. but you do need to think about cooling..
Just another opinion, The last Pentium chip I bought was a P233.
Several upgrades later, running an XP1600, never regreted any of the AMD chips in between.

i am an athlon fan as well. i personally do not see any difference between the pentium and athlon when it comes to performance. the cheaper price of the athlons are definitely an advantage IMHO.
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