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asus rog g750jh wont power on at all

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it has been a week since my laptop stoped working
I droped it on its back (were the fans bleed exaust air) Usually this has no effect on the laptop but this time it decided to just shut off
No indicators light up

The led on the power button does nothing

The charger works and so does the battery

Tried the turn off remove power sources and press power button for (amount of time)
Then plug the ac only and press power button

Intel I7 quad core 8threads
24gb ram installed
Nvidia 780m
Windows 10
17 inch
Motherboard: g750jw rev. 2.1
(Assasins creed black flag edition)

So i opened it up
Warranty waa void already

I tried bare bone startig

Fans didn't respond

Today i noticed when i plug the charger on
The led on the power cord brick turn off
So i think it could be a short

First question

How can a motherboard short after a minor drop


For repairs (i dont want to do them myself) what are my best options in terms of pricing and amount of time
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Sorry, but drops to computers are always a bad thing. A 'minor drop' could crack any number of parts, dislodge a connector or cable, cause something to short out, and damage the hard drive. You could have just damaged the power connector in the laptop or destroyed the entire motherboard and possibly the hard drive and other components and it's hard to say without looking at it.

As for pricing a repair, that's going to vary significantly by your location, the shops available in your area, the cost of any replacement parts if required, and how much the service charges for labor. It could be $50 or could be a $1000. You best bet is to contact an ASUS repair center and take/send it to them: Your alternative is to take it a local shop and see what they say; they might be cheaper especially for a simple jack repair or loose component but they may have trouble sourcing parts for a more significant repair.
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thanks for your suggentions
I forgot to mention this laptop uses 2 ssd drives and a hard drive
It boots from an ss
Circuit component Passive circuit component Hardware programmer Electronic engineering Computer hardware

This is the motherboard
Right now the power button is not attached
I removed to see if anything was burned there


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Can't see anything offhand but that's not uncommon for nothing to be visible especially in a picture.
The actual power jack smells like burned plastic so im guessing the short migut be on the jack (it is on a separate board that conects to the motherboard via pins)
Or it is a short on the board that is probably close to that area as i couldnt smell any burned plastic anywhere else on the motherboard

Thanks for the help btw
Ill try to get a voltmeter and find where the short may be
Im just going to take it to an expert
Sorry if i sounded harsh i am just really bothered by the issue and i really wanted it to be something someone could find and say "ah theres your problem" but i rather not make the issue worse thanks for the help and i hope you have a nice holiday
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