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ASUS Laptop, black screen on startup [HELP]

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I've had my ASUS K55A laptop for just over a year now.

I was using it fine one night, turned it off correctly and went to sleep.

The next day I went to use it and when I turned it on it only displayed a black scree (no display).

I can't even hear the fan or eject the disc tray.

I've tried it with the battery and without, with the charger plugged in and without.

All the LED Symbol lights flash green apart from the battery light which flashes orange when the battery is connected and even when it's disconnected.

I've tried the holding my finger on the power button to drain the battery but it didn't work either.

I've ordered a new battery as I've read that some laptops can only function properly with a battery....

Anyone got and advise or diagnostics?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
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Do you get anything at all on the screen when you switch it on ?
All laptops will turn on even without a battery, so that's not your problem. When power cycling, was the laptop unplugged with the battery out (to drain the power). Does the screen turn from black/not on to black screen on with nothing showing?

Hi guys,

Nope, no display at all even when power cycling.

What is the full model of the K55A? (K55A-XXxx)
The full model should be marked on the bottom side of the laptop.
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