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There are 2 OE folders under MICROSOFT folder.
1st folder = 395 KB.
2nd folder = 502 MB. This one contains my old e-mail which I
have had no luck using import function. It states it knows where they are then quits due to files may be in use by other program.
Thanks - arivera

*********** ORIGINAL E-MAIL from arivera ************
I have just upgraded to Windows XP. I didn't back up my
E-MAILS believing it would all be automatic.
The upgrade went smoothly. However like some of the comments
I have read old E-MAIL messages are missing in OUTLOOK EXPRESS. I found the DBX files and they appear to be all my
old E-MAILs. I created a HOLD folder in OE.

I found the HOLD.DBX folder in the directory. I renamed it ie hold.dbx
That's where I am stuck. jbcalg states move the hold.dbx file into
the directory. What directory? I thought that's where I was doing
all above mentioned work.

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bear with me, so i don't suggest anything that'll goof up your email

can you open windows explorer and give the exact folder name, something like this:
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
- that's my main folder
- it has (too many) .dbx files, each corresponding to a folder in OE
ie inbox, sent, draft, plus the specific ones i've created
brainwave - if you have 2 directories that are named like above - OE may have set up 2 identities

from the main menu bar:
manage identities

see how many of you there are - and whether the old emails are visible through a second identity

then you can choose which identity to keep
ie if it's the old one with 500Mb of email, that's easier than what follows - then could just put all the new emails into one folder and move them

basically what you'll need to do - and it's a little different than in the other thread - is:

in OE
-create a folder corresponding to each file in the saved emails, but add a common identifier to it, ie inbox1, sent1, etc
-close OE

make a copy of the New OE directory (folder 1 = 395 Kb) as backup

in Saved OE directory (folder 2 = 502 Mb)
rename each file to what you created in OE
copy, paste into New OE directory, press 'yes' or 'yes to all' if you get an overwrite message

open OE
the Saved emails should show up in the new folders - inbox1, sent1, etc.

then arrange, delete, move them as you want

make a backup copy of the directory if you want

once you've got all the emails back into OE, clean up and remove the duplicate directories, never hurts to keep a back up tho
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