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are my CDs DESTROYED>>>?!

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i was moving into my new home yesterday i placed my entire collection of precious cds and software inside a rubber-maid box, the box itself has no ventilation.

i placed this entire box next to the air conditioner which oddly is anchored at wrist level on the wall, so anyways as i was busy unpacking other stuff, the air-co was blowing at the rubbermaid box at full power for an entire day, occasionally i would turn the air co off but would quickly turn it back within an hour as the country i lived in is very hot and humid, the room would turn into an inferno if the airco goes off for a while, and so this cycle of warm and cold continues until night, that's when i actually wondered weather it's ok for the rubbermaid box to be placed next to the air co like that, so i opened the box and to my horror it was freezing cold in there!!! Then, i noticed my case-logic branded cd wallet (non-plastic ones) as well as some of my other stuff in there... is all WET!!!!

the cd wallet is mildly wet on the outside, but inside my discs were dry.

so now i have 2 things i'd like to know:

1: the constantly changing temperatures in my room, has it already wreck the "interior" of the disc?

2:when the rubbermaid box was cold as a freezer after being blown for 5 hours by the air co, then gets warm again for an hour before being blown icy cold again, with droplets of moist/water forming inside the box as well as a wet cd case when i wipe it with my badly is the cold air and the frequent temperature changes going to affect my cds?

My cds are NOT burnt discs nor empty media, they're read only audio and software discs.
this is the cd wallet i use:

thanks so much!!!
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Well you wont know till you try them, so make absolutely sure they are dry before playing as any tiny droplets of water,no matter how small might cause untold havoc in side your drive at the speed they go...I would guess they are probably ok ....have a look at this site as regard to storage temps etc.
well they're readable, but would the interior "silver" part of the disc be damaged? would this shortened a disc's lifespan?
Impossible to say I would think,time will tell,if it happened to me and they were valuable discs,I would be considering copying them just to be sure .....
I would say thed be alright, of course no way to tell unless you test them, discs are rather hardy, ive had plenty of discs sitting in the car (accidental) in the boiling hot, and they seem to be alright
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