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Archiving email messages

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Hello Everyone...

I am using Outlook Express for my IMAP emails. After a few years, I have A LOT of emails in my INBOX which I still need to keep.

I have heard that there are softwares available that can enable me to upload these messages, have them stored in a database-like storage, and if I need to look at any one of them all I need to do is run a query, like, say, search for a particular sender, and all the mails sent by that particular person will appear.

What I need to know is the name of that software(s) and what's the storage like, eg, are the messages stored in a server, or just a separate hard disk in the local machine?

Please advise.
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i'd use OE Backup linked from Tomsterdam's site

not only do you back up all your settings etc in case of PC/hdd crash, b ut all your messages are there too

should probably use folders more to sort the messages, or use message rules to d/l them into the correct folder in the first place

and keep a copy of DBExtract around too (also on the above site), to pull individual messages out of .dbx files as you need them

dragging messages to the desktop and putting in folders is a lot of work...and a real drag (pun intended!)
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