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Apps wont open from taskbar

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Hi I cant open my visual studio and google chrome it opens but stays open in the task bar and wont let me in. Has happened before and it was word and powerpoint not opening. Restarted the laptop and turned it on and off and nothing is happening . Thanks
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Hello and welcome to TSG.

If you want to make this quick there are 2 options for now:

Option 1:
Using the SFC and DISM to Repair Windows 10 | Tech Support Guy (
If you get errors or issues with these steps, or nothing works please share results.

Option 2:
See which one of the 2 best describes your problem (ignore other possible reasons):
A) "Your PC isn't working well and you recently installed an update."
B) "Your PC isn't working well and it's been a while since you installed an app, driver, or update."
You can find troubleshooting steps for these 2 here:
Recovery options in Windows 10 (
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