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App for file activity list on windows

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Hi everyone, first of all sorry for my english i hope you will understand what i'm trying to ask.
I search for an app that create a history of the activity that i did daily whit my pc. like a browser history.
For example: date xx/xx/xxxx - modified filename.pdf
Somehow like in the file explorer, where you can choose to list the file in order of last modify.
I read something on internet but everyone talks about file activity list of sofware for backup. I don't want to backup my file, i only want to have a daily list of what i had modified in that day on my pc. Thanks a lot.
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It depends on what detail you want and to some extent what OS
Say it was 1o or 11
please see attached screenshot - settings - privacy - activity history on left pane and then set as shown on main pane

and you can also use Event Viewer - windows logs, but that is not as easy to read or access
event viewer in search on taskbar, when it appears above = right click and click run as admin.

IF you have a reason for wanting to check - that is the way to go
If you are just looking for some sort of gimmick - as you say you want to see what your history of use is then IMHO it is just not woirthwhile.

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Further to the above this will assist if indeed you are using windows 10 or 11
Windows activity history and your privacy - Microsoft Support

Get help with timeline - Microsoft Support
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Thanks a lot for the answer! i solved with a simply app called "searchmyfiles". it does what i wanted to do perfectly. But anyway thanks a lot!
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