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I recently had to do a system restore on my PC because I messed with some setting I apparently shouldn't have.

That's beside the point though as everything is in working order again and I know never to touch those things I messed with again, haha.

I had to reinstall AOL 9.0 Security Edition and when I did so I found that for some reason my Superbuddy icons are no longer working. In fact they don't even show up accept as their static icon version in the "choose your buddy icon" screen.

In my saved buddy themes they show up as small AOL symbol icons and in actual IMs they're blank white squares with a very small black dot right in the center.

I downloaded the latest version of Viewpoint and everything but nothing is fixing it and I've looked through all the AOL settings unable to find anything to help me.

I recently upgraded to the free version of AOL so I no longer get Live technical support so any help anyone here could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.
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