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AOL scam?

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Last week, I received our credit card company's statement. I always keep track of each and every purchase we make using our credit card. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there is a charge to our credit card for $95.+. And, what was absolutely astounding and frightening was the fact that the co. charging us that $95.00 was of all companies, AOL.
I have NEVER wanted AOL, have never inquired about it etc.
I think their merchandising techniques are disgusting. I immediately called our credit card co and spoke with a rep.
Well, I told the credit card co. rep that I had never purchased this AOL subscription. After a few minutes, the lady told me to deduct the charge from my check.
I belileve this is a case of "Identity Theft".... someone, somewhere, somehow got a hold of our credit card #. Actually, the rep. gave me a subtle hint that this AOL charge was NOT from AOL but from some other co. posing as AOL.
Of course we immediately asked to cancel the credit card.
Where can I go to report this and, how can one stop this from happening again in the future IF we do get a new credit card identifying number? missfuffy:eek:
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a good place to get information about what to do when you have identity or creditcard theft is he has a talkshow on am radio and some really marvelous advice. but he has a section on his website set aside for what to do when you get hit by stuff like this.
TO: angeltherat... from missfuffy... thank you for the tip as to the existence of a website which might be able to help me understand what this "Identify Theft" is all about...
thanks.... missfuffy
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