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AOL Attachment Sends Entire Filing Cabinet

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I am a musician and for decades I've been sending songs in aol emails as an mp3 attachment - without problems. Now something has gone wrong.

I can still attach and send the song as normal.

But in my 'sent' copy the attachment has changed name from the song title to my entire document file name.

Then when it opens, I get my entire song filing cabinet instead of just the one song I attached.

I've already missed deadlines due to this.

I tried changing from Edge Browser to Chrome = no difference. (Windows 10)

I'll be very grateful for any help.

I thought this was an AOL email problem.
So I've just started a Google GMail account and sent myself two songs using GMail.
They STILL opened up my entire filing cabinet of 80+ songs.
So now I'm thinking it's a Computer problem. Windows 10 ?

ANY ideas gratefully received.

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What programs are you using to send the songs?

Is it possible to show screenshots of this issue?
Thanks for your time Couriant but I think the issue has been resolved.
It seems it was only on my own computer that the entire folder was being opened.
At the other end, the recipient was only getting the one (correct) file.

Thanks for your help all the same.

Best Regards.
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