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Anti-spyware ripoff??

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This was forwarded to me by a friend, found on a tech site. Take care in puchasing or downloading anti-spyware, without doing the homework, could be trouble.
Subject: Warning

"QUESTIONABLE ANTI-PARASITE SOFTWARE . Since the issue of adware and spyware has become better known, many companies have been jumping on the bandwagon and offering anti-parasite software. Not all are as trustworthy as one would hope, for a company offering to take care of your computer's security.

a.. TrekBlue offer a spyware removal program called Spyware Nuker, which is advertised through junk e-mail from its affiliates and misleading fake-dialogue-box web advertising. TrekBlue are the same company as e-mail marketers 'TrekData' and 'Blue Haven Media', who control the 'InContext' spyware and distribute this and other spyware through ActiveX drive-by-download on web pages. (They also used to work for Lions Pride Enterprises, who made and controlled the 'wnad' spyware).
b.. WarNet offer software including an adware remover. However, WarNet is owned and run by the same people who own and run C2 Media, producers of the infamous lop parasite.
c.. SpywareLabs produce a parasite detection program called Virtual Bouncer, with a removal option requiring payment. It which is distributed by the same bundling and drive-by download techniques as the parasites it claims to remove, so definitely qualifies as unsolicited commercial software in itself. It also has an update feature that can download and execute arbitrary code.
d.. RedV offer an adware remover called AdProtector. However, the installer used to download this and the other RedV 'Protector' applications is itself adware, and RedV are the same company as Web3000, one of the earliest large spyware makers.
e.. Bulletproof Soft offer a commercial Spyware Remover; OnlinePCFix offer a utility called SpyFerret; Ideal World Online offer SpyGone. All have copied Spybot Search and Destroy's definitions database without permission or attribution; additionally, SpyFerret includes actual program code taken from Spybot, and SpyGone is an unlicensed copy of SpyRemover.
f.. eAcceleration advertises a general security product called Stop-Sign. However it was itself piggyback-installed without consent with other software (such as file-sharing applications). eAcceleration also wrote the DownloadReceiver adware. StopSign detects the free spyware removers Ad-Aware and Spybot as "attackware".
g.. Razor Media offer a free scanner-only promotion for their software 'SpyAssault'. Since the scanner itself installs the commercial trojan FavoriteMan/Ss32 their credibility is somewhat questionable.
h.. SpyBan
i.. SpyWiper (aka SpyDeleter)
j.. SpyKiller Pro (not same as 'SpyKiller'?)
k.. SoftDD offer a free 'trial version' of 'Spy Guardian Pro', which always tells you you have spyware installed (even on a completely clean machine), but won't tell you where, asking you to buy the full version to find out. "
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