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Anti Prorat v2.0 -- Remove Prorat Server from your computer now!

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Hi everybody

thanks to who helped me to complete this software


Anti Prorat [0.38mb]
Video tutorials [1.3 mb]
password =

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easy easy !!!

I didn't spam .. and this is not a virus -- I have a certificate from Softpedia of the version 1.0 ~from here~

and this is just an update !

why all people think in the wrong way :eek:


thanks ferrija1 :) nice man!

some people should see the video tutorial I've made -- so they understand what is this :cool:
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ferrija1 said:
Why is the video in RAR format? Some people may not be able to open it so I'd just zip it or leave it alone. :)
emm.. the original size of the vidoes is more than 160mb ( imagine !!!) :)

so I compress it with WinRAR with the best method

and the reason for the rar password is because some rippers Hot-Link the videos link and stealing my bandwidth :down:

so..? :D
Welldone guys.. I've got the 100% CLEAN from

here is the link to it:

good luck :)
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