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Anti Prorat v2.0 -- Remove Prorat Server from your computer now!

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Hi everybody

thanks to who helped me to complete this software


Anti Prorat [0.38mb]
Video tutorials [1.3 mb]
password =

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giovannicosta said:
That is spam and is a trojan downlaoder by what it seems, reported to a moderator straight away,
Did you read it at all? It may be spam (though I don't think AZPC wanted it to be, he/she was just sharing what TSG member helpeds her do :) )but it is it is anti-ProRat software (ProRat is a trojan horse).

I even scanned it with a couple of AVs (because on her website it says shes had some hacking experiences.... :eek: ) and it was clean. ;)
It's 'special' text like ones in the Character Map (...Accessories > Sys Tools > Character Map), though I don't see them in the Character Map.....
Why is the video in RAR format? Some people may not be able to open it so I'd just zip it or leave it alone. :)
Ok, I didn't even notice the size of the files.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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