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Another petty problem

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which isn't of earth-shattering importance, but I'm wondering if there's something I don't know that could help?

When I copy and paste (mainly in WORD which is what I'm usually in) when I highlight what I want, it tends to go so FAST I miss where I want to stop.

I find myself going back and forth, highlighting and going back UNhighliighting, trying to get just the section I want and nothing else.

If it's the first or last part of the text, I can go to where I want to stiop or start and run it over from there.

For example, openning a large amount of text and putting a word or line in FIND, finding it and then trying to highlight JUST that part. It runs over it, I go back and sometimes loose where I was and have to open FIND again and start over.

I hold down the left mouse button and run it over. But have tried this and using the arrow keys (up and down) too.

It's just so fast. The same thing happens in other programs, like I use Coffee Cup html editor.

Though, of course, if it's just a line I want to delete I can use the backspace and watch as I delete it. But to highlight and delete (or cut/copy) it goes so fast I can't control it.

Fast is good in some things, but not so good in others (LOL)

My petty problem of the day.

~ Carrie
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I have had that problem too.

You can click at the begining of the text, then go to the end of the text you want to copy and hold the shift key and click there. THat will highlight all the text just like dragging.

You can also go to the control panel, and under mouse options slow that baby down a little
have a good one
I have slowed the mouse down.

I mean anyway, aside from this. I usually have it set about half way.

I didn't realize it related to highlighting text. I thought it was just how fast the pointer moved across the screen in relation to the actual mouse (on the pad).

I'll have to put it way down slow and see if that makes a difference.

I need a mouse I can keep up with (LOL)

~ Carrie
Time to learn some shortcut keys, girl.

Don't backspace to delete a whole line.

I want to take my cursor to the end of the line:

I want to delete from here to the end of this line:
Shift+End, Delete

I want to take my cursor to the beginning of the line:

I want to delete from here to the beginning of this line:
Shift+Home, Delete

Go to beginning of doc:

Go to end of doc:

I want to select this paragraph:
Triple-click with mouse.

I hate this setting:
Tools-Options, Edit tab. Uncheck "When selecting, automatically select entire word."

If you don't already:
Keep Word in page layout view. Using your mouse to select stuff is much easier done using click and drag in the left-hand margin rather than click and dragging in the text area itself.
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