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AMD 1.4 Bad PSU ?

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Just purchased the following to build a new PC.
OEM 1.4 AMD Athlon 266
CoolerMaster EP5-6I11
Kingston DDRam 256mb
And this Midtooless Case w/ AMD Ready PSU

After putting the memory, cpu, and the thermal fan on the Mobo I put it in the case wanting to test it but after beginning a boot up it just turned off after 15 seconds. I purchased two of the cases to build two computers and the other did the similar thing with the exact same mobo as before. What went wrong? Please Help!

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check to make sure you have all the thermal sensor's hooked up correctly. They will shut it down right now if they sense it is getting to hot. Also does the case have a intrusion sensor, that could shut it off possibly
Also check you fan/heatsink is properly contacting the chip and the fan is running, they will overheat right now.
Do you have your jumpers set correctly for the chip you have.
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