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All those autoexec and config files!

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Something I've wanted to know for a while:

I understand what config.sys and autoexec.bat files are. Then there's config.dos and autoexec.dos, which I guess are used for DOS environment. But often on computers there are a myriad of config and autoexec files eg..
autoexec.001, autoexec.002, autoexec.003, autoexec.b01,autoexec.m01, autoexec.m02, autoexec.m03, autoexec.mtm and similar for config.
Why are there so many different files and what are they for?
I thought the idea was that anything that needed configuring all got done in config.sys?

Many of these are very similar or identical in content. I'm trying to resolve a hang on restart issue and want to look at these files for clues.

System is Win98SE
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Look at the contents of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files and see if they contain what you actually have when you click Start - Run, type in SYSEDIT, then click OK. My guess is that they're the same, in which case all the other ones with "DOS", "MTM", "001", etc. can be deleted.

By the way, 98SE generally doesn't need anything listed in either file. Both of mine are blank.
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