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All of a sudden, Outlook 2000 keeps shutting down

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All of a sudden, to quote, "Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to shut down"

Running XP sp-1

Can't even check my settings as it only stays open for a few seconds.

This behaviour coincided with me trying to send a 1.5 meg attachment, then all of a sudden it just started playing up the outgoinng email just stayed in the Out-Box... No other error message to give me a clue... nothing!

I ended up reinstalling Office 2000 and all service packs to SP3 twice to no avail....

Any ideas?
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That was my initial thought as well, but several scans show negative, also there aren't loads of unexplained processes in Task manager, and CPU load/RAM usage were quite normal... I don't think its a virus, but... (?)
Can you move or remove any unsent items in the Outbox?
I did have problems removing items from the out-box, but it also kept shutting down before delete was completed. Also send/receive would cause it to shut down.

This morning it was a little more stable, and I was able to delete the files which I thought may have been causing the problem (.DXF file for a CAD program), and things calmed down... a little bit. Still shuts down every now and tehn with the same error message...

BUT, clicking send/receive now brings up an error warning 0x80070057...

Apparently this points to faulty set-up of the POP3 settings, but they're exactly as before when it worked flawlessly: In fact I can receive, but not send.

Tried the same with Outlook Express 6, and no problems at all...

Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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You might also try creating an entirely new profile. Just have it point to the same data file.

Still doing the same thing.

I deleted the account, and created a new one with the same details... The Data File was automatically linked to. Still comes up with the same send receive error, and shuts down too.

Actually, I couldn't find a drop-down menu item to manually connect to te Data File... How is this done in Outlook 2000 other than Import/export, which I believe is not the best way?
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