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All my music files are skipping (Windows 10)

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this is the first time ive came across something like this and its the reason i signed up here because not even google understands my problem.
i have alot of music on my hard drive and i use it almost every other day and its always been fine !
suddenly yesterday i open my DJing software (Serato DJ) and i want to play music in my house and some of my music have 6 mins but only play 1 min while skipping?
i thought it was cuz of the software so i uninstalled and redownloaded and it was the same,,,, i tried playing them from my folders to media player and also VLC and the same problem was there even after restarting etc...
im a dj and now i cant even work anymore because i do not know what files are like that and what files are not all music was like that only mybe every 6 out of 10
also i want to mention that in all media players the duration could be 6 minutes but the progress bar skips through it and in some other files i had 2 songs mixed in one in the file? for example i open a song and it plays a different song that i know from my library and then skips to the original song again??? What gives???

i know this is a confusing one but im hoping to get more information and thanks in advance!
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I've edited your post for language. Even in the form of an acronym, it's not acceptable so please be more careful in the future as this is a family friendly site.
If it's occurring with multiple players, I'd suspect the files are corrupted.

I would start by testing the HDD using the drive manufacturers disk tools. Run the short and long test. If either test fails, the drive likely needs to be replaced.
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