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All my browsers are acting up periodically

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I'm receiving "Webpage cannot be displayed" messages in various forms from all of my three browsers (Opera IE7 Mozilla). It looks like if I'm offline but it's not true. The problem is not constant, it returns periodically and only affects my browsers and partially my Trillian. Outlook and even MMORPG games are going fine.

I'm using a router, and my other machine connected to it, is working properly.

Any help would be welcome!
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I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Hi Batboy,
I've had a very similar problem recently, but in my case it was my Vista machine that acted up while my XP machine continued to function properly. See my post to the Vista forum (a reply to Doug1234) which I sent today. Reading that you had the same problem with an XP machine is worrying!
If you have resolved your problem, I'd be grateful to hear how you did it.
As far as I know - aside from my Nod32 - I don't have any updater running which can cut my network connection periodically, but I'll look around.
i have the same problem but its happening with all machines on my network they takes forever to load pages, you have to retry and reload numerous times but all online games work with no interruption but if you try to look something up while playing the sites still fail to load i use firefox the others use internet explorer.
I didn't find any pending update installation and I'm not using Google Desktop. The problem is still there.
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