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All I want for Christmas is . . .

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For everyone the world over to know what true joy feels like.

What do YOU want for Christmas? (Or whatever it is that you celebrate. All welcome!)

Oh, yeah, and a few thousand dollars to be donated to Tech Support Guy so we don't have to see that dern flashing banner for a long time!
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I want a TSG coffee mug for christmas!

Besides, does anybody ever win? And what do they win?

Happy Holidays !
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Yeah... I want a coffee mug too...
Santa said I was a bad the heck with him... I just bought a t-shirt for myself :D
Yeah but Santa picks up the tab so I don't have to. Yeah heck with him he said I was a bad boy but he will come through anyway... :D :D

...or I will just have to buy it myself... which will end up happening. :(
We do pollyanna in my family. I pointed them to the link for the hooded sweatshirt. Wonder if Mikey could let me know who purchased any lately? (Hee hee) ;)

I know this is the "I wanna thread" and all ........and I know this is a biggie but in the absence of World Peace, all I really want is for all of us to get along here.......

Yeah I know Rodney King had to say that and really screw it all up because it is a big joke now, but really I'd like to see us get along............ it is a start.

Okay if that's too sappy for you all then fine I wanna Tech Guy T-Shirt too, how is that Santa? I've always been a good boy. :D

Let see I will take this here.

Plus a TSG coffee mug and one of those and one of those and one of those and one of..........
:D :D :D

Dark Star you better not be good or we are in trouble.

See here.
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Well, apart from winning the lottery Big Time, I would like the following:

a decent house out of Bradford, say in the country.
a decent job in computers.
world peace

but most important of all, all my family to be getting on with each other. There is one hell of a rift between my Dads side and my Mums side.

Apart from that, I want to be able to view the webcam when TechGuy proposes.....

You know I never gave it a thought till you all mentioned what do I wish for. Guess I am to busy trying to figure out what to get all the Munchkins though-out the family. Seems the family keeps growing expodentially every year.
I guess if I had my choice the items would be in this order......
1)Having all our troops safely with their families for the holidays.
2)Have an end to the Family bickering that goes on.
3)Have all my elders around for another year.
4)Get to personally meet all my friends here at TSG.
5)Have one Graphics program that has all the tools I need.

Um...what DON'T I want for Christmas ......
Oh yeah. I don't want any type of undergarments :) Any thing else is fine by me :)
Ok, mine is kind of sappy and it reveals more than I would like, but, here it is.

I wish my sister who passed away this year were still here so that I could make up for not being the brother I should have been.I wish she hadnt died the way she did and that it wasnt my mother that found her.

I wish my mother would forgive herself for not getting there faster.

I wish my other sister beats going to prison and this time has the sense to learn something from it.

I wish the rest of my family would forgive me for stopping the garbage the speaker at her funeral was spewing out and finishing it myself in a manner she would have liked.

I wish my mother would let me help her financially. She is currently living without heat and will accept nothing at present.

And I want an ergonomic keyboard.
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my heart goes out to you. I do hope that any of your wishes that can be fulfilled, will be.

I'll keep you in my prayers.
It takes courage to ask for things that expose human fragility and vulnerability.It takes honesty and strength to let everyone see your needs and wants .You have my respect and admiration for being able to do all that and more..
I will join the ranks with Lisa and everyone who will read this in saying ,"You are in our hearts and prayers and we hope you will receive everything you deserve in this difficult time."
The ladies put it much better than I could so all I'll say you and yours will be in my prayers.
Too True

I hope that my prayers will make it across the pond. I have great respect for people who can actually wish for something that is not materialistic.

Take Care

I agree with eddie. My prayers go out to you and your family as well.
Thank you. Sincerely. To you and all of yours as well. :)

Sure hope I get that keyboard. ;)
me too Doyce..........maybe late here but heartfelt all the same.

Jr... Wishing for these things especially in public didn't just expose a side of you but made us all aware of the same issues in our own lives as well. Im sorry for the pain you feel . But reading what you said makes me open up & be more receptive to the things in my own life as well.... Thanks for sharing that with us . Now i know what I'd like for Christmas see DoyceJ to get what he wants. That would be great!!

Savvy :)
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